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Award winning garden raising awareness of Mental Health and Suicide.

Sun, 07 Jul 2019 20:04:55 +0000
Great shoot at Hampton Court Palace of Joe Francis and his Silver Gilt winning garden “Calm Amidst Chaos”. A project to raise awareness of mental health and suicide and the importance of creating peace and tranquility in our everyday lives. Joe’s pictured at the calm epicentre.
Joe amongst the “Chaos”, unexploded bombs, rolling catastrophe video footage and a “knife wave ” he created from knives confiscated / handed in to police.
Surrounding the inner calm is a circle of chaos. The garden Designer and GardensforGood owner has dedicated the garden to Maytree , a charity offering residential stays for adults contemplating suicide.
The outer circle invokes panic, fear and paranoia

The contrast between the two places is remarkable and has had visitors lost for words (as well as in tears) as they resonate with the message of the garden.  
There is a deep message of hope and peace, which is symbolised by the inner haven of the garden.  “I truly believe that if each one of us on the face of this planet connected with this place of tranquility on a daily basis we would create a very different world to the one we currently see today.”

“When you’re struggling in life then you just want somewhere safe to go to get away from it all.  That’s what Maytree provide.  I think every town should have a Maytree style respite centre to help those in need.”

See Oxford Mail article on Joes prize winning creation. Here

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